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Dr. Calvin L. Lewis is fortunate to pursue his passion for cooking on a daily basis! With the aid of his training, Dr. Lewis' God-given abilities and talents have afforded him the opportunity to create several successful business ventures from start-to-finish, two of which are restaurants.

No stranger to hard work and perseverance, Dr. Lewis' no-nonsense work ethic and grounded spiritual beliefs have been a most essential component to his success. His latest venture, the Mason Jar Kitchen & Catering Company was launched on Thanksgiving Day of 2017. With $1.00 and a God-given vision, he took simple components and created a masterpiece!

Dr. Lewis is the founder and pastor of New EDEN International Ministries and School of Ministry in Bainbridge Georgia. In ministry for 25-plus years, he believes that inspiring and motivating others pleases God and it allows Him to move closer to his destiny, and moments of excellence. He lives his life to his fullest potential-- honoring God; and that is his ultimate goal. Dr. Lewis is a dream chaser, never one to rest on his laurels. His spiritual giftedness as an orator, prophetic voice, and coordinator are evident in his annual conferences, seminars, and workshops, which are designed to train and equip intellectually; and spiritually empower those in attendance. Possessing a vast pool of creative ingenuity, this "dream chaser" is a man after God's own heart and has a heart for God's people.

Author, educator, licensed health care professional, motivational speaker, life coach, conference director, and playwright are a few of the creative hats arrayed by Dr. Lewis. As a writer, his first published book, "The Birthing of a Vision" is filled with a message of hope, love, inspiration, and spiritual tools to aid its reader to victorious living. His latest release, "Revival In An Unlikely Place" has birthed a season of revival for readers across the southern United States; admonishing restoration back to our original selves. This work, along with his book of motivational quotes, "A Wise Man Once Said", are all available via Amazon and other outlets.

Extending his Christian faith and creative astuteness to the stage, Dr. Lewis has written, produced and directed several stage plays. Dr. Lewis' aim is to mirror the life and teachings of Christ and use his mistakes to teach others that there is hope and life beyond our mistakes.


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